Eagles QB Vick Loves Teams Offseason Conditioning Program

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick at age 32 is the oldest player on his team.

He’s essentially on a one-year contract, and he’s trying to return to his career-best 2010 level, all while playing for a first-year head coach (Chip Kelly) with no NFL background, Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports.

Vick couldn’t look much happier about his prospects. If you follow his Twitter account, he writes one positive message after another about his offseason training, his golf game and his latest athletic achievement (he dusted teammate LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash earlier this month).

“I didn’t know I could still run that way,” Vick said. “I give a lot of credit to our strength and conditioning program, the things Chip has implemented into our training. He’s got me doing things and seeing muscles that I hadn’t seen in my body for a long time. It’s a good time. I’m excited about that.”

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