Does Kirk Cousins Propel The Denver Broncos To Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders?

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Kirk Cousins arrives on the free agency market as one of the most talked about and coveted free agents for a very long time. He is about to get paid big time, but we do not yet know where he will end up. Many teams are in the race for Cousins right now, and ultimately it will be up to him to decide where he goes and the contract he takes.

The one thing to note about Cousins is it may not all come down to money with him. He will want to get paid of course, but he will also want his new team to have enough money in the bank to give him some weapons. Just as important as the money, convincing Cousins that they are the best chance he will have of winning a Super Bowl is the other task that his courters must complete.

One of the front runners for his signature, and a team who have made sure everyone knows they are in the hunt is the Denver Broncos. They have made their interest in Cousins public from day one, and combined with talk from the team, their players have also shown that they want Cousins to lead them in Denver. That is them trying their best to take care of the second part of the Kirk Cousins equation, they want to show him that he would be welcome, and that they can win a Super Bowl with him leading them onto the field.

It is clear that Denver wants Cousins, not that we know if he wants to play with them, but does he make them a Super Bowl challenger this coming season? The Broncos started well during the 2017 campaign, winning three of their first four games. However, it all went downhill after that, and they won only two more games in the remainder of the season. They will need to show character if they are to bounce back this season, and they also need to embrace a new leader, when one inevitably arrives this summer.

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But what can Kirk Cousins bring to Denver? Well to start with, if they did bring Cousins in this summer, it would be the first time they have started the season with a genuine top quarterback since Payton Manning retired from the game. The Broncos have experimented with Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian in recent years, hoping one of them would develop into something special. However, none of those have done anything to warrant being a starter, which is why the Broncos now have to spend the big bucks to get Cousins in.

With Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on the team, Cousins would begin life with two very good targets to aim at. Add in CJ Anderson at running back, with the potential for further improvement from Devonte Booker, and the Broncos have a workable offensive group for Cousins to use. He would be going into a situation where the tools are already in place, and his task is to simply give them the ball and allow them to do their stuff. He doesn’t have to look after young receivers or work with bit-part players; he has players who are solid NFL caliber players waiting for him.

That gives the Broncos a chance, and with so many players looking to embrace and bring him to the team, there would be no danger of him splitting the dressing room. A good start would bring life back to the Broncos, and get the fans back onboard, who have slowly drifted away from the team after poor quarterback decisions over the past few years. They are a huge +4000 to win the Super Bowl right now, but the minute they announce Cousins, if they are successful, those odds will drop rapidly. Oddschecker have a selection of free bets available with many bookmakers, including Paddy Power, and these give you the opportunity to get an early wager on the Broncos before those odds plummet if they do indeed land Kirk Cousins. The success of this coming season in Denver hinges on Cousins, and he would make them a hugely interesting team if he decides that they are the best fit for him going forward.

All eyes will be on Kirk Cousins in March as he decides where to play his football for the next few years. Denver look to be a great fit, and they are doing all they can to land him this summer, something that would propel them into contention if they bring him in.

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