Do The Vikings Really Want To Move WR Percy Harvin?

The Vikings have been chatting up a storm about the chance to move WR Percy Harvin this offseason, as it sounds like Minnesota is done with his act and the fact he’s thinking of another holdout.

Will the Vikings be able to do it? Or are the Vikings putting on a smoke-screen about moving him?

Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that a Vikings team source told her Harvin is worth keeping: “He is a star athlete who is a great player. Is he a volatile guy? Yes. Can he be managed? Yes. For me he is not an issue. You just have to be able to deal and manage star players. I don’t think we should be at the point of being done with him.”

A few days back reported five possible landing spots for Harvin – the Niners, Patriots, Dolphins, Browns, and Jaguars.

photo credit: rburtzel via photopin cc

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