Do the New York Jets Have Buyers Remorse Already on RB Le’Veon Bell?

First there was the quick exit of Jets GM Mike Maccagnan, replacing him with current new Jets coach Adam Gase as the teams’ new GM.

Now New York has even more of a media circus, as there’s rumblings that the team might actually be LOOKING TO TRADE newly signed running back Le’Veon Bell.

Here’s a tweet from earlier today about the situation.

Some of this might be coming from the fact that Maccagnan liked Bell, but Gase was not all that keen on paying him what they did considering 31 other teams were not jumping to grab him when he was an unrestricted free agent.

The New York Post had these details:

Sources told me that Gase likes Bell the player, but felt they did not have to pay that much to get him. There were other reports that Gase did not want Bell at all.

With Bell already a no-show for most of the spring program, it is fair to wonder how the Bell/Gase relationship will be now that these reports are out in the atmosphere.

So if you are the Jets – what do you do? It’s not likely since you were the only team interested that someone is going to give up much for Bell, and most teams are simply going to sit back and watch while the Jets – four months before the season starts – go into panic mode.

It will be interesting to watch, and might be the best NFL drama of the summer.

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