Detroit Lions Say They Don’t Want Their Logo Used in ‘Unite the Right’ Rallies

The Lions are not interested in having their teams’ logo as part of anymore ‘Unite the Right’ rallies, and have released a statement telling everyone they are not supporting the group.

The Detroit Lions joined one their city sports counterparts, the Red Wings, in denouncing a use of a logo in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend.

A Getty Images photo that was published Saturday showed a shield held by a man which displayed a logo that looked similar to the Lions. The Lions logo uses a light blue color; the Getty photo displayed stars along with a half red, half blue color scheme.

The shield also had the Swedish phrase “Nog Ar Nog,” which translated means “enough is enough.”

“We detest and disavow any use or implied use of the Detroit Lions logo or any of our marks in association with the event this past Saturday in Charlottesville. We value diversity as it represents the strong fabric of our team, the City of Detroit, the NFL, the game of football, our fans and our country,” the Lions said in a statement.

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