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1 Comment on "Contact Us"

  1. louis colonna | August 22, 2017 at 9:12 am | Reply

    today is a sad for me i have been an avid fan for 52 years i have watch football every Sunday from the minute i would open my eyes i would get excited as the summer would wind down and the beginning another season would emerge but i find myself being lost now not knowing what to do on Sundays for i can no longer agree with the behavior of all of the players disrespecting one thing that i am more proud of then your NFL its my flag and to watch these glorified athletics sit there and judge our country for what ever reason they feel is warranted is not acceptable me and to all of the men and women that have lost there lives giving them a platform to do what they do catch and throw a football as well as the inflated salaries they receive so just a quick note to the NFL handle your players handle your coaches because i know all of the true Americans that i know have had enough and will not be patronizing you this year until i have the same platform that these players have to voice there opinions i will find another means of entertainment signing off GOOD BYE NFL

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