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3 Comments on "Contact Us"

  1. Dear Gridiron Gab,

    My name is William Botoulas. I am a producer with SEN radio, a 24-hour sport station in Melbourne, Australia.

    I am just getting in contact as we would love to have a member of you publication on our show as a guest to chat NFL.

    We would obviously promote the website too and encourage our listeners to visit you guys.

    Would someone be available for a chat on Thursday at 10.30am (New York time)?

    Would be great to discuss the latest news in the NFL, chat about the games and also talk about what your site is all about.

    Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Kind Regards,

    William Botoulas
    Melbourne, Australia

    m: +61 (0) 431 089 449
    tweet me: @botoulas43
    Please send all mail to: PO Box 1334, Hawksburn, VIC, 3142

  2. Good afternoon Matt,

    I am the host of a small DC based sports radio show called “The Noise; Sports Unfiltered” and we broadcast on every Monday from 7pm-9pm EST. I know you are very busy with this being Super Bowl week, but I would like to set up a 10-15 minute interview for you to join us to talk NFL/Super Bowl/Pro Bowl with us tonight if possible. I can provide you with any information you may need ahead of time and we have the ability to pre-record interviews prior to the show if necessary. As of now we are shooting for the 7:00pm hour for NFL talk so let me know of some potential times, the best phone number to reach you at and your official title for announcing purposes and I will get everything else set up. If you have any additional questions please let me know. Thank you for your time and have a great days.

    Best regards,

    Stuart Miller
    Host, The Noise; Sports Unfiltered

  3. Hello, I am a 16 year old student at Folsom High School in Sacramento. I am a frequent reader of your sites articles and I would like to be a part of it! I was going to send in a resume sooner but I knew I wouldn’t get accepted back then. I took action and worked hard to improve my writing. I have an A in English, and I am the sports writer in Folsom High. I am also a Staff Writer at and I frequently fanpost on My favorite team is the San Diego Chargers and my favorite players include Philip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, and DJ Fluker. I also play football for the Folsom High School Bulldogs who are ranked in the top 25 high school teams in the nation, so I have a good knowledge for the game. I am available most of the day, and I could write an article a day. Yes I am open to your staff sending me article requests. As long as it is about the NFL, my fingers go crazy! Thank you for taking the time to read my resume, and I hope you don’t not accept me because I am 16. I am a dedicated writer and I am improving daily. I attached an article from my work at Please send me information about working at Do I get pay, even if it is only a little bit? Please let me know ASAP thank you!

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