Browns RB Richardson Says He’ll Be Ready For Camp Despite Report

After a report from ESPN Cleveland surfaced that running back Trent Richardson would out until August, the back denied the report, and says he’ll be ready for summer training camp.

“I still expect to be out there day one,” he said. “People are saying that I’ve got another injury, and (that) it’s farther than what people are saying it is. And no, it’s not. Coach (Rob) Chudzinski has me out for precautionary reasons. It’s nothing that big to worry about. As I said before, and he said two weeks ago that I might miss the three-day camp and he held me out right now. so, there’s only certain stuff that you can control and I agree with everything coach is doing.”

The report, on, said Richardson was told by the team that he’d be out until August and that the club feared that his lower right leg strain could develop into a stress fracture.

“No, no. I have not been told that,” he said. “It’s going to be better for me, better for the team, better for everybody (to) make sure that I’m back late July or early August, whenever we do start our real cam

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