BREAKING: Browns Hire Rob Chudzinski as Head Coach

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that Carolina Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski has been named the next Cleveland Browns head coach. This could have a ripple effect, as many offensive coordinators would love to work with QB Cam Newton.

Chud took Cam – who had just 1 season of games played at the Division I level – and, with no off-season, set records in 2011. In 2012, the Panthers won 6 of 9 down the stretch, finished 18th in points and 12th in yards despite key injuries to WR David Gettis, WR Brandon LaFell, and RB Jonathan Stewart. WR Steve Smith played through his injuries. Rob must be pretty confident to take a job in the AFC North where all three of the other teams have made the postseason over the last two seasons. Then again, it may have been the only job he was offered.

The Canton Rep was reporting that by Sunday night, the Cleveland Browns would have chosen their next head coach. They were also reporting that it was between former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt and Cincinnati Bengals DC Mike Zimmer. Whisenhunt had his second interview today, Zimmer was rumored to get his second interview tomorrow.

Most were reporting that Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was still in the mix. However, scheduling would’ve made it so they’d probably not get to interview him until Monday.

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