Bob Costas Slams the Sport of Football: “This Game Destroys People’s Brains”

Count sports broadcaster Bob Costas as yet another person who is not a big fan of playing football.

Costas is making headlines today, as he was speaking on the future of football, and dropped a total bombshell at a roundtable discussion at the University of Maryland

“The reality is that this game destroys people’s brains,” Costas said in a discussion Tuesday evening.

“The cracks in the foundation are there, the day-to-day issues, as serious as they may be, they may come and go. But you cannot change the nature of the game. I certainly would not let, if I had an athletically gifted 12- or 13-year-old son, I would not let him play football.”

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser was also at the roundtable, and he seemed to agree with Costas that the future of football is bleak at best.

The league had better get ready for more influential broadcasters and big names to come out against football in general, and had better figure out a retort.

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  1. Wow, tired of hearing these unproven statements. If that true, Dick Butkus (and hundreds of playes like him from his era)should be vegetables as hard as he hit and played.

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