Best Resources To Learn Sports Betting


Sports betting has always been a tough nut to crack. Forget about finding that perfect strategy because this is an industry that’s constantly fluid. Stop looking for a quick fix and learn about how the industry works. In this guide, you will see a number of the best resources for the beginner, and those who need a refresher course on this Wild West industry.

Book: Essential Strategies for Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

Kevin Bonnett published this book in the wake of all the interest around daily fantasy sports. These strategies are evergreen because if they became obsolete, the entire principles of daily fantasy sports would change. If you take a closer look at this book, you’ll know all about this lighter form of sports betting.

The Sports Geek

The best way to learn about sports betting is to learn about it in the field. You can only learn so much about sports betting by reading books and studying how the gambling platforms work. The Sports Geek Blog is a favorite because it contains real information from the gambling professionals.

These are the people who have already made it work. They’re well aware of the tricks the casinos pull and they know how to overcome them.

Take the gambling out of your sports betting strategy by following what the experts say. With tips and tricks based around upcoming sporting events, you can’t go wrong with this blog.

Book: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Millions

Michael Konik hasn’t published a strategy book as such. What he has done is combined his life story into a guide to how the gambling industry really works. Yes, it’s an enjoyable read, but it contains many important lessons about the organizations you’re competing against each time you decide to bet on your favorite sports teams.

Much of it does apply to the higher level of gambling, but the same teachings apply to people who’re betting only a few dollars per week.

Online Sports Betting Site

So you are ready to start implementing some of the lessons you’ve learned? That’s all well and good, but where you bet is as important as what you bet on and how you bet. Online Sports Betting will teach you about what you need to look for when it comes to a good betting platform. It ranks hundreds of betting websites, and lists the bonuses you can expect to take advantage of if you register for an account.

In addition to this Oddschanger is a free site that provide weekly NFL betting tips and previews to help you make informed decisions of where to place your bets. They are also very active on their Twitter and Facebook pages and are constantly on hand if you ever need any betting advice.

It will also notify you of any new sites as and when they appear. If your gambling site of choice isn’t registered here, the chances are there’s a reason for that. Use this blog to make sure you only play with honest, reputable, and profitable sites.

Book: Conquering Risk

Conquering Risk is everything in gambling. George Howard is a PhD and delves deep into the concept of risk and how it can be applied to systems relating to the four big sports in the US. Whether you want to become an accomplished gambler, or you simply want to know how risk works and how to manage it, this is the book for you.

Some of the strategies may no longer be valid, but the big lesson to take away from this older read is how to calculate risk. The gambler that master’s risk will be as successful thirty years into the future as they are now, making this an integral read.


These resources will set you on your way to becoming a master of gambling. It may take some time to build up those winning habits, but sooner or later you will see a major breakthrough and acquire the profits you deserve.

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