A Third Arrest Made In The Assault On Redskins Trent Williams

Honolulu Police have arrested a third man in connection with a brawl at a nightclub that left Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams unable to play in Sunday’s Pro Bowl, ESPN reports.

Williams required seven stitches to his head after the brawl last week at Honolulu’s M Nightclub.

Hawaii News Now reports that 25-year-old John Blayne Stancil, of Waimanalo, turned himself in at the Kailua police substation on Monday night. He was booked on two counts of third-degree assault.

Police earlier arrested 40-year-old Michael Butendah, of Kaneohe, and M Nightclub part-owner Michael Miske Jr. Both have been charged with assault. Police say Miske hit Williams over the head with what investigators say was “a dangerous instrument.”

Williams was Tasered in the back and cracked over the head with a champagne bottle during the melee yet still did not fall to the ground, sources have told ESPN.

“It was like he was Jason on ‘Friday the 13th’ — man just wouldn’t go down,” one source said of the 6-foot-5, 318-pound Williams.

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