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  • Who Will Win Super Bowl 51?

    The 2016 season might be months from kick-off, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t all started speculating about who’s going to win Super Bowl 51 next year. In fact, odds were being set well before the Super Bowl 50 champions had even been crowned. But who are this season’s hot contenders?

    New England Patriots

    Over the last five years, the Patriots have continuously been one of the NFL’s most backed teams to win the Super Bowl, which isn’t really surprising when you consider the dream team of QB Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski. All Coach Bill Belichick really needs to do is supplement the receivers and rushers who support Gronkowski and Brady and the Patriots will have a Super Bowl worthy team.

    New signing Chris Hogan, a possible replacement for Brandon LaFell, could be a key addition to the Patriots team this year. The former Buffalo Bills wide receiver, who is 6’1” and 220lbs, has already had a few seasons in the NFL and has the potential to be a reliable player for the team.


    All in all, the Patriots certainly have the means to repeat their 2014 Super Bowl win, it will really come down to injuries during the season.

    Denver Broncos

    Being the reigning Super Bowl champions might suggest that the Broncos could repeat their success story next season, however this is unlikely to be the case. The retirement of Peyton Manning and the loss of Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans means the Broncos are currently a quarterback down. Even with a good draft pick, any new player needs at least a season to fully evolve into the NFL. It’s highly unlikely that they can find a quarterback able to lead them to the playoffs this year.

    Add to that the loss of key defensive players DT Malik Jackson who has left for the Jacksonville Jaguars and ILB Danny Trevathan who has signed for the Chicago Bears and it’s very hard to believe the Broncos can win Super Bowl 51.

    Carolina Panthers

    Super Bowl runners-up the Carolina Panthers had an exceptional season with their 15-1 record, however, they were beaten by the Broncos superb defense to lose Super Bowl 50. It’s likely that Cam Newton and the team will want to come back and prove to the world that they can win Super Bowl 51.

    Their top wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, will make a return to the team after he missed an entire year with a torn ACL.

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    It might come as a surprise that the Steelers are one of the top favorites for Super Bowl 51, after-all this is a team who hadn’t had a playoff win in five years until the 2015 season. But what you need to keep in mind is that the Steelers performed well last season despite a tough schedule, injury woes and even won their playoff game against the Bengals no less.

    Both RBs Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams will return this season from injury. Match that with a much easier season where the Steelers will only face three playoff teams and the Steelers have every chance to be crowned Super Bowl 51 champions.

  • Browns Feel Good About Deal with Eagles; Like What the 8th Pick Has to Offer

    Sashi Brown knows the Browns may have passed on a franchise quarterback, but felt the haul of picks from the Eagles was worth it in the trade down from No. 2 to No. 8, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reports.

    “As always, there is a risk when you are drafting any quarterback and even if you’re drafting a quarterback in the first or second slot in the first round that they pan out or don’t and we understand that risk in moving back that we have may passed on a quarterback that is going to go on to certainly have a great career in this league,” The head of football operations said during his pre-draft press conference. “But we felt like for the additional picks that we were able to acquire that we are in a much better position to build our roster moving forward.”

    Brown acknowledged that the trade does not rule out them moving down again. “No, not all,” he said.

    He said the No. 8 spot was attractive because of all of the talent there, and if your betting at the Tropical Casino, you can bet the Browns still feel good about the picks they have.

    “We really liked the eighth spot, that it was a particularly valuable piece of the deal for us,” he said. “We think there are still going to be really talented players at that spot and there is a lot of depth throughout the first round this year so we like that aspect of being able to have Philly as a trade partner. We had very extensive conversations with Howie and his team over the last few weeks and felt that it was very fair to both sides.”

    He insisted he’s not worried that the Browns have sacrificed quality for quantity.

    “We are confident in our preparation in terms of evaluating players,” he said. “There’s always a risk whether we were going to — and somebody wrote this the other day — if we were going to mess it up at 8, we’re going to mess it up at 2 also.

    “Not to be funny about it, we feel really good about the fact that we have what could’ve been a bet on one player now becomes a bet on four, understanding that player you get at 8 may not be the same choice that you had a two — maybe for us in our case actually, but we feel really good about our opportunity to move forward and select players and that’s without comparison or disparagement on the past groups.”

  • QB Brian Hoyer Looking for a New Home; Jets and Broncos Seem Like a Fit


    The Denver Broncos still need a solution to their QB situation, and Brian Hoyer still needs a place to play.

    Sounds like a perfect fit – right?

    After a two-day visit with the Jets, the free-agent quarterback left their facility Wednesday without a contract and is heading west to meet with the Broncos, Rich Cimini of ESPN New York reports.

    The Jets were aware of Hoyer’s plans to visit the Broncos, the source said. The Jets, locked in a contract impasse with the unsigned Ryan Fitzpatrick, remain interested in Hoyer and will continue to monitor his situation.

    Hoyer, released Sunday by the Houston Texans, is drawing interest from five to six teams, a source said. But the Jets and Broncos might have the edge because they can offer him the possibility of a starting job.

    If you are betting in Vietnam the money would have to go on him eventually coming to terms with the Jets, a team that needs a quarterback and also is willing to bring in a guy like Hoyer.

    As for the Broncos, they still may look to make a deal on the day of the draft in order to get the player they want under center in 2016.

    If Hoyer can’t find a home in either place, the Bears and Steelers are two teams that might be willing to pay him to come in as a backup. Last season Hoyer led the Texans to nine wins while he was a starter, but his awful showing in a 30-0 playoff loss to the Chiefs was enough for the team to say ‘so long’ to the longtime journeyman QB.

  • The Eagles Can’t Kid Themselves; Braford’s Days as Starting QB Coming to a Close

    Eagles Stadium

    There’s no doubt after Wednesday’s deal between the Browns and Eagles that quarterbacks are going to go one and two in the NFL Draft which is a week from tonight in Chicago.

    After the Eagles traded up to the second overall pick in the NFL, there was some rumblings that the team could look to trade QB Sam Bradford. Once the trade went down, however, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said they will not trade Bradford.

    “Let me be clear, Sam Bradford is our starting quarterback. We’ve told Sam that,” Howie Roseman said at a press conference Wednesday.

    But now the situation comes just how long can the Eagles have a QB that was drafted two overall sitting behind Bradford if and when he struggles?

    Bradford said yesterday that if the team drafted a quarterback it wouldn’t bother him.

    “Not really. I learned a long time ago to stay away from all that stuff. It’s not the first time I’ve gone through a situation like this,” Bradford said on Tuesday. “I’ve learned to not worry about things I can’t control. And I have no control over that. So there is no need to waste any time or energy worrying about that.”

    If you do NFL betting with Bitcoins you know that this situation can’t stay good in Philly for too long. One bad pass or one big mistake leading to to a loss, and fans will be calling for Bradford’s head and for whoever the number two QB is to be the starter.

    Don’t kid yourself, the Eagles are going all in on whatever QB they take with the second pick. If Bradford wants to sugar coat the situation so be it, but reality for him will come soon enough.

  • Panthers Head Scratcher; Team Takes Away Franchise Tag from CB Josh Norman

    Josh Norman

    The Panthers announced on Wednesday some shocking news, that being they were taking away the franchise tag for cornerback Josh Norman, making him an unrestricted free agent, reports.

    “After a number of conversations with Josh’s agent we realized that a long-term deal was not attainable,” general manager Dave Gettleman said. “We have decided to rescind the Franchise Tag freeing Josh to immediately become a UFA. We thank Josh for all his contributions and truly wish him well.”

    Norman is a very good player playing a position that always seems of need, and for sure he’s going to find another team and probably find it fast.

    Once Carolina dropped the Super Bowl, they went right away into attack mode, and were optimistic about signing Norman to a long-term deal.

    At the Combine in February, Gettleman said it “doesn’t make sense” to draft and develop players for other teams. Head coach Ron Rivera went a step further, saying he had little concern about paying the 28-year-old Norman despite his age.

    The folks over at at have a couple teams already listed with interest in Norman, with the first being the San Francisco 49ers.

    They have money to spend, and also have a need at the position. The Niners better get ready to spend though, as one report says that Norman’s agent set the price tag for his client at $16 million per season.

    Another couple teams that could give a long look to Norman include the Dolphins, who have $19.5 million in cap space and desperately need a No. 1 corner. The Jaguars and 49ers have $52 million to spend, whereas the Browns are under the cap by $40 million.


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