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  • Mayock Likes North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz as the Top QB in the Draft

    There are mixed opinions on the readiness of North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz due to his small school pedigree but one draft expert has already ranked him as the best quarterback prospect in the 20116 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock of NFL Network.

    Jared Goff of Cal and Paxton Lynch of Memphis are, as expected, ranked second and third. Michigan State’s Connor Cook and Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott round out the Top 5. The Tennessee Titans have the No.1-overall pick in the draft but clearly are not taking a quarterback after picking Heisman winner Marcus Mariota No.2 in 2015. But lots of teams are desperate for a signal caller to either start for them immediately or be groomed to replace an aging star, including the Cleveland Browns at No. 2, the Dallas Cowboys at No. 4, the San Francisco 49ers at No. 7, the Chicago Bears at No. 11, the Philadelphia Eagles at No. 13 and the Los Angeles Rams at No. 15.

    The Titans are undoubtedly hoping that one of these quarterback prospects becomes so enticing that a needy team will offer them a bounty of draft picks/players for the right to move up to the top spot. Mayock is betting on that QB to be Wentz, although he has not yet gone so far to say that he should be the No.1 player overall.

  • Best Resources To Learn Sports Betting


    Sports betting has always been a tough nut to crack. Forget about finding that perfect strategy because this is an industry that’s constantly fluid. Stop looking for a quick fix and learn about how the industry works. In this guide, you will see a number of the best resources for the beginner, and those who need a refresher course on this Wild West industry.

    Book: Essential Strategies for Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

    Kevin Bonnett published this book in the wake of all the interest around daily fantasy sports. These strategies are evergreen because if they became obsolete, the entire principles of daily fantasy sports would change. If you take a closer look at this book, you’ll know all about this lighter form of sports betting.

    The Sports Geek

    The best way to learn about sports betting is to learn about it in the field. You can only learn so much about sports betting by reading books and studying how the gambling platforms work. The Sports Geek Blog is a favorite because it contains real information from the gambling professionals.

    These are the people who have already made it work. They’re well aware of the tricks the casinos pull and they know how to overcome them.

    Take the gambling out of your sports betting strategy by following what the experts say. With tips and tricks based around upcoming sporting events, you can’t go wrong with this blog.

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  • DeMarcus Ware Celebrates Broncos’ Win With Extra Rare Whisky Gift

    Crown XR - Denver Broncos

    Fighting through adversity, the Denver Broncos will return from San Francisco as World Champions, ready to celebrate like kings. In addition to their diamond-studded rings, each player will also responsibly enjoy some extra special whisky as a gift from linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

    After helping Denver to victory, with the Defense dominating the bame, DeMarcus Ware gifted his teammates with specially embroidered bottles of Crown Royal XR (retail value $129.99). Available in limited quantities, the whisky hails from the famed LaSalle distillery near Montreal which no longer produces whisky. Beer might do in a pinch, but quality trumps quantity and the team will be sipping something smoother tomorrow when Ware distributes this gift to his Championship teammates.

    “We worked incredibly hard this season, so I wanted to give my teammates something to honor the fact that we’re the best in the world,” said Ware. “Since we took the Crown and are officially Champs, I’m giving everyone on the team a bottle of Crown Royal XR, an extra rare whisky, that has been specially embroidered to commemorate our championship. I can’t wait to take the time to enjoy this moment by toasting the best whisky with the best teammates; it really doesn’t get any better than this!”

  • Super Bowl 50 Gets The Tecmo Super Bowl Treatment

    Super Bowl 50 saw the Denver Broncos dismantle the Carolina Panthers in a borefest, by a score of 24-10. But we ALL won when the Big Game got some 8-bit video game treatment!

    That’s right, our friends at The Cauldron recreated the game, or at least its scoring plays and key moments, in the look of the classic Nintendo game, complete with some solid commentary on the game (and halftime show) everyone watched Sunday night.

    The Internet can be a magical place sometimes.

  • Super Bowl 50 Ticket Prices Fall as Game Grows Near

    With Super Bowl 50 just days away, ticket prices to what has been hyped as not only “the most expensive Super Bowl ever”, but “the most expensive event ever” have cooled off significantly. This stays true to historical trends of prices declining as the game nears. The average ticket for Super Bowl 50 as of Thursday morning was $4,740, according to Rukkus data.

    Last years Super Bowl 49 was the most expensive ticket in NFL history, with an average price of $4,600 a week before the game. That number shot up astronomically in the days before the game, with fans who waited until the last minute seeing an average ticket price of $11,500, with a get-in price of $7,00. Those numbers shouldn’t be compared to Super Bowl 50 or any previous Super Bowl, as Super Bowl 49 data became extremely skewed when ticket brokers got caught in a short squeeze. This short squeeze was a situation created when brokers listed and sold speculative tickets for one price, assuming they’d be able to get their inventory at a price far lower.

    Once the Super Bowl 50 matchup of the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers was determined following the conference championship games, there was a large spike in ticket prices. The Friday before the NFC and AFC Championship saw an average ticket price of $6,414. By Monday morning that number shot up to $7,693, a record for two weeks out from the game. By the end of the week the average price fell to $5,496, and has since continued to decline.

    With only 1.4% of Super Bowl tickets made directly available to the public via lottery, expensive tickets are something fans have become familiar with, but this years high prices could be due the games location. Levi’s Stadium is located 45 miles outside of San Francisco in Santa Clara, CA. Santa Clara County boasts the nations highest median household income of $93,500. More than 25% of Super Bowl 50 tickets have been sold to California residents, with only 10% sold to buyers in North Carolina, and 9% to those in Colorado.

    Out of town visitors hoping to score last minute tickets to Super Bowl 50 are far better off than they were a year ago. Rukkus expects the cheapest ticket prices to be found on Saturday and in the hours leading up to kickoff on Sunday.

  • Belichick Says Pats Kicker Gostkowski Isn’t the Only One to Blame for AFC Title Game Loss

    ) )

    Much of the blame of yesterday’s AFC Title Game loss by the New England Patriots seems to be focused on kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who missed an early extra point that kept the Pats going for TD’s the rest of the day instead of just field goals that could have eventually saw them win the game.

    Pats coach Bill Belichick said Sunday’s 20-18 loss should not just be on the shoulders of Gostkowski, who was one of, if not the best kicker in the AFC this last season.

    “Steve is a great kicker. He had a great year for us,” Belichick said in his early-morning news conference at Gillette Stadium. “I think every coach or player who participated in the game wishes there was a couple things they could have done differently. I feel that way. Everybody I’ve talked to feels that way. I can’t imagine that anyone who participated in the game doesn’t feel that way. … I feel like it’s my fault, I’m sure all the other players who played feel like it’s their fault.”

    “We had some opportunities, but in the end, we just came up a little short,” Belichick said. “That’s obviously a disappointing feeling at this time of year. Turn the page here and move on, and start the process all over again. That’s where we are.”

    The Pats will be watching as the Broncos and Panthers do battle in San Francisco in Super Bowl 50 in two weeks. While Pats fans are going to watch with a heavy heart after the loss, at least they have plenty of 2016 super bowl commercial selections to pick from while they recover from the setback.


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